Everyday Lessons

So when your a mom of three...somedays are just business as usual. One could assume that there is nothing to learn or grow from these days. Making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, driving to and from the school bus stop. Ect. We can just mindlessly go along in everyday situations. But today I learned several things...I learned that I am getting more proficient in many spiritual practices...because I was present and open to the lessons and because I am spending the time to reflect. 1) GRATITUDE I recently listened to a cd by Dr. Michael Beckwith the reverend and founder of Agape. In this CD he mentioned waking up every morning with gratitude. Before your feet even touch the floor, yo

The Hard Lesson of Really Giving Your Life Over

Recently I have been reconnected with a friend of sorts...I referred to him in another blog as Magical Man. It has been about a year since he and I were connecting on a regular basis. Right around the same time that I was involved in a relationship that left me "broken open" and he would find himself in jail for 4 weeks. Spirit has clearly had our paths cross again. Someone reminded me of the book Celestine Prophecy where it suggests that if you run into someone three times they have a special gift to give you. This friend and I had not seen or heard from each other in about a year and now we have run into each other unexpectedly three times. I have taken note of that and am available to wha

Bringing it all together

So I had two previous about being a business owner and one about my search for my life partner. I haven't written in either in a while now. But have had so much growth and development since my last entries. The idea of Birthing Blyss as a way of life and as a book came to me during this time. I work in the field of holistic medicine. The way we think about a person is as a whole person, one entity. I am not my social life, or my professional life, or purely a mother or just a seeker or a yogi or a dancer or a lover of beautiful things (learned yesterday this is a aesthete...I love this new word). I am all of these things a combination you cannot separate them. This is true for

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