Why My Best Friend is Planning to Lose Her Uterus

Over the last several months I have been supporting my best friend and client with her devastating discovery that she would not only not be able to have another HBAC (Home Birth after Cesarean), but is also mourning the loss of her uterus and plans for future children. Midwifery can be beautiful, triumphant and inspiring, as it was with Desiree's last pregnancy and successful HBAC But can also mean listening to loss, heartbreak and very scary and difficult choices. This is all that much harder when the woman is also your best friend. After doing her research, finding her team and grieving these losses, my beautiful friend posted the following on Instagram for her followers. Desi is no

Weekend Adventure -Midwives in Maui

Last week my hospital client delivered at 40 weeks and 3 days. Meaning I had a week before my next client was in her due window (37-42 weeks) and I would need to be on call again. I started to wrack my brain where could I go to get out of town for a few days. My friend and mentor Augustine Colebrook moved to Maui the week before and had been blowing up my instagram feed with awe inspiring photos of her new life. I sent her a text "Wish I could come see you this weekend" She called me immediately inviting me to come. I was on a red-eye the next day and had an amazing time off call taking a peek into the amazing new project Augustine is involved in. Here's a description in her own word

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