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We are merely the container for you to do this miraculous work

©Courney Paige Ray

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©Courney Paige Ray

Your Midwife

The emphasis of my practice will always be based in relationship, guided self discovery, natural lifestyles,  and traditional midwifery practices.


Chelsea P.

From the moment my husband and I met Blyss, we couldn't imagine another person to be by our side as I delivered our first child. She exudes the most calming, joyful energy and I truly believe she was put on this earth to help bring babies safely into their mama's arms.

My birth story is one I am proud of. It's one I look back and smile at - and this is largely due to the fact that Blyss was our loving guide through it all. She encouraged us to take a childbirth education course which allowed us to feel prepared and aware of the birthing process. Being first-time parents meant we were still diving into the unknown, but Blyss encouraged me to embrace this. She met with us at our home for a few visits to discuss our birth plan, was easily accessible when we had questions and was quick to arrive come baby time! Blyss made me feel confident and comfortable in what was both the most intense and magical experience in my life - giving birth to our beautiful son.

©Courney Paige Ray

Diana H.

I had the honor to witness Blyss working her magic at her recent birth I was photographing. It was the first time I saw Blyss in her midwife vest, but I have known her for few years now since she was one of the creators the Sanctuary Wellness practice -one of the most successful midwifery practice in West Los Angeles.
I admire Blyss confidence, knowledge and bed side manners, but above all I love the compassion and intuition that are her natural gifts when she assists a laboring mom.
She is always wearing a reassuring smile on her face and even when birth turns out unpredictable ( it often does) she is so resourceful and makes sure mom receives the best support as possible.
She is a gem and blessing.

Bryan J.

Through the whole process of our birthing journey, Blyss was absolutely wonderful.  The support that she gave my wife and I had us feeling comfortable at every moment.  Blyss was great at handling all of our questions and setting us up for a home birth the way that we envisioned.  We did encounter some obstacles along the way, as my wife's water broke more than three days before our son came.  However, Blyss was there to guide us and instill confidence to ensure both baby and mom were safe through it all.  The entire process of birthing is very rewarding and having the right guides can be crucial.  Looking back on the experience my wife and I smile at how happy we were to have Blyss with us.  Blyss offers very grounded and loving support in this sacred journey of birthing.  We could not recommend her highly enough

Bristol P.

Blyss is doing her life's work, and it shows. I've known her through 2 births, first when she ran her birth center The Sanctuary in Mar Vista, and now as my midwife for an VBAC. She is such a dependable, professional, personal, intimate, experienced, trustworthy person, and an overall joy to work with. She helped us make informed decisions every step of the way. She saw me in the last trimester, and helped support me towards the birth that was right for me and my family, without ever imposing her own values, but instead posing the questions that helped me discover what I needed as an informed mother in charge of my own body. 

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