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Placenta Encapsulation

I absolutely love processing placentas!  I believe that it's a sacred process and hold that intent through the entire process.


Placenta has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.  It is considered one of the most powerful as tonics and nourishes the meridians of the lungs, liver, and kidneys. This is especially helpful postpartum due to the added stresses placed on the kidneys during pregnancy. Placenta is also used in Chinese medicine to treat adrenal insufficiency, low back pain, extreme fatigue, menopause, low immune resistance, infertility, depression, pallor, insufficient lactation, hair loss, and deficiency of the blood.

TCM Encapsulation (Traditional Chinese Medicine Inspired)


  • Pick up from Birth Place and Delivery to HOME(or hospital if in an extended stay)

  • Usually produces around 100-175 capsules, depending on the size of your placenta

  • A heart-shaped umbilical cord keepsake

  • Preparation of the placenta postpartum takes approximately 4-5 days, depending on the thickness and size.  First, the fresh placenta is cleaned.  Then the placenta is gently steamed. The steaming process is believed to bring warmth back to the placenta, and thus back to the mother, to restore balance. TCM is believed to have tonifying, healing, and warming properties.  Then the placenta is placed on a drying tray in a dehydrator at approximately 145°F.  This is the temperature used to dry meat and effectively keeps it free of bacteria until dry, while maintaining the essential minerals, hormones, and enzymes.  Lastly, the placenta is ground and encapsulated into vegetarian capsules.


Many women choose to have their placenta prepared to assist in their recovery postpartum.  The results vary with each individual and we cannot guarantee specific results as with any herbal protocol.  However, some feedback we have received indicates that it has a tremendous impact on

  • increased energy level

  • feelings of strength

  • overall well-being,

  • help with sleep

  • strengthened immune system

  • restored sex drive,

  • increased milk supply

  • emotional BALANCING

  • halting HAIR LOSS

  • restoring blood hemoglobin levels back to normal.

Smoothie: (optional)

Utilizing the placenta, un-steamed, directly after birth is becoming an extremely popular and important step in a new mother’s postpartum healing. You can use your favorite green or fruit smoothie recipe.  A small thumbnail piece of raw placenta is easily blended in with any juice or smoothie recipe and Mothers report that the taste of the small placenta piece is unnoticeable! Up to 14 pieces are individually prepared and stored for use. This preparation yields enough for 2 smoothies a day for up to the first week postpartum, before starting capsules. This is a great natural remedy for postpartum bleeding, works very rapidly, and often replaces pharmaceutical means of managing bleeding. Other benefits include rapid replacement of hormones, nutrients, and iron which aids in postpartum wellness.


I follow OSHA guidelines for sanitation and safety when working with blood borne pathogens.


* Discounts offered with out pick up delivery service. Additional charge for more than 20 miles either way.

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