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Natural Birth Consulting and Montrice Services

I have had the honor of working with thousands of families in supporting them with education, resources and empowerment to create a natural birth plan.  My natural birth consultations are the prenatal educational component of what I do for my doula clients minus being on call and physically present for the birth itself. This is a good fit for people who would like to work with me but are not  in the Los Angles area, have budget restrictions, or would like educational support but feel covered either with their partner and/or other people in their lives who can cover the physical and emotional support the day of labor. Consultations can be done anywhere around the world via skype.
















 Prenatal consultations come in 5 levels


Level 1: 2 hour in home consultation (Recommended in the first trimester if possible)

You will be sent a detailed questionnaire prior to our meeting  to help flush out ideas of what you are looking for.  I will go through this questionnaire and prepare a list of resources and ideas for you.  This will include but not limited to:

  • Support deciding whether an in or out of hospital delivery will best meet your birth plan desires.

  • Help you create your dream team of providers and or facilities that will best match your desires and financial considerations.  This includes supplemental services such as chiropractors, hypnotherapists, doulas, lactation consultants, child birth educators etc. (available in the LA area)

  • General "natural" pregnancy guidance.  Preventative lifestyle choices that can help keep your pregnancy low risk (bettering your chances for a natural birth), easy remedies for common pregnancy discomforts.

  • Recommendations for those that are interested in creating rituals and sanctity around the pregnancy and or birth. (ie blessing way, lotus birth etc.) 


Level 2: Unlimited email access during pregnancy

After we have had our initial meeting together you may desire to have a resource for additional guidance and support throughout the remainder of your pregnancy. Below are just a few examples of the types of questions that my clients ask me:


  • I'm going to my Dr. tomorrow what are some good questions to ask her about ____________?

  • I just left my Dr. office and she recommended _______ are there any other alternatives to this method?

  • My friend just delivered last week she had xyz happen, I'm nervous this may happen to me.

  • People say I'm carrying really large, and my Dr. said if baby gets much bigger I may have to have a c-section.  I'm feeling worried.

  • I just found out my baby is breech, what are my options?

  • I'm 41 weeks pregnant, baby looked fine today but she's starting to discuss induction.  What are my options and are there natural ways to get labor started.

  • I am suppose to take the glucose test next week.  I have a really healthy diet and I don't want to drink that drink, are there alternatives to that test that maybe closer to my real diet?.

  • I tested positive for GBS I would really like to avoid antibiotics in labor, have any ideas?



Level 3: Additional 2 hour Prenatal Visit (Recommended in 3rd Trimester after taking child birth education series.)

For you to get support on creating a birth and postpartum plan and understanding stages of labor and the pros and cons to common interventions at each stage.  ()  


(Full 6 hour private child birth education class available as well)


Level 4:

Be on call during your due window (37-42 weeks) and available for text or phone questions during labor and delivery any time of day or night. 


Level 5:

Can come join you in labor if things have slowed or family is really struggling.  Some possible tools I can utilize in this 2 hour session:

  • Spinning baby techniques

  • Aroma therapy

  • Massage

  • Acupressure points 

  • Homeopathy 


 Including on call for any additional questions for remainder of labor and delivery


Postpartum Consultations


2 hour in home consultations (Recommended Day 3-5)

  • Double check breast feeding patterns, schedule and latch for continued breastfeeding success

  • Evaluate if having breastfeeding issues if needing an LC or minor adjustments needed

  • Reassure mom and dad about babies needs, appearance etc.

  • Make sure the postpartum plan is sufficient for needs and help get a postpartum team if needed (postpartum doula meal train, etc.)

  • Guidance with baby wearing

  • Evaluate if mom's needs are being managed effectively(ie enough rest, nutrition etc.)

  • Holistic recommendations for common postpartum discomforts

  • Recommendations for postpartum wellness practitioners, classes, and support groups

  • Help brainstorm ideas for extended family, parental division of duties, or older sibling issues that have arise

Including unlimited text and email support for the first 6 weeks postpartum.

hospital birth / cesarean birth / induced labors / unmedicated "natural" vaginal birth / vaginal birth with epidural / breastfeeding / bottle feeding / cloth diapers / baby wearing / scheduled parenting / attachment parenting / newborn care / postpartum support / placenta encapsulation / prenatal support / i childbirth education  and more

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