Reidar, Desiree & baby Fox 

“My family could not be more grateful for Blyss. On November 7th, I gave birth to my baby boy after 30 long beautiful hours of labor. I knew I wanted Blyss  on this journey the day I met her. There is something very special about this woman. Initially I tried to pin point exactly what it was that made her so special; was it in her eyes? Her smile? The truth is it isn’t just one thing in particular. She is everything that is beautiful, kind and loving. She is everything you want around you while you labor. I am a first time mother and no matter my fears Blyss was there to reassure me. She rolled up her sleeves and got dirty. SHE WAS MY SUPPORT AMONGST MY SUPPORT. This woman never left my side EVER!!!! It brings tears to my eyes when I think of the role she had in bringing baby Fox into this world. I can’t imagine ever having a child without Blyss present. I am so grateful to have met her.  She was a huge support while pregnant and postpartum as well.  We will forever be grateful!! 


A special thanks from my grandma who said that watching you treat me with so much love was one of the most selfless beautiful acts she has ever seen.”

Megan Gray

“For my second child, I was not going to have a doula at the birth – I trusted my doctor and thought, though I would love to have an unmedicated birth, it was likely I would end up having trouble dilating and would need an epidural as I did with my first child. Thank goodness I changed my mind (at the last minute) and found Blyss!


Being pregnant with a toddler while in the middle of a major house remodel was exhausting and by month 8, though I had reread a few books, I felt totally unprepared for the birth of my daughter. I decided I needed a doula to help and my husband and I met with Blyss. She was very generous with her time during that initial meeting and we decided we definitely wanted to work together. We set a time to do our official meeting to go other the birth plan, etc for a few weeks later.

The Sunday we were supposed to meet, three weeks before my due date, my water broke. I still wasn’t having contractions when I went to the hospital, and we decided to wait to have Blyss join us, assuming it would take a while for things to progress. After just 2 hours, my contractions were coming fast and furious and we called Blyss to meet us. In the short time it took for her to come to the hospital, I decided I might want the epidural, and the nurses were just about to start the process when Blyss arrived. Her timing was perfect. Since my original goal was an unmedicated birth, she encouraged me to work through a few more contractions with her before getting the epidural.


Her experience and intuition was amazing. She seemed to know exactly what I needed before I knew myself. Within less than half an hour I was in transition and though the experience was definitely intense, it was manageable with her help. I like to say that Blyss is a human epidural, she helped so much. Less than an hour later, before the doctor had time to arrive, I had given birth to my baby girl. It was a beautiful experience.


Though we hadn’t discussed it ahead of time, I decided that I wanted have my placenta encapsulated. Blyss handled everything and brought the capsules to my house a few days later. I was feeling so good after the birth (almost normal with minimal pain and bleeding) and my milk came in quickly so I decided not to mess with a good thing and didn’t take the placenta pills right away. A few weeks later when the fatigue started to set in, I decided to give them a try and have been taking one a day ever since. I do think they have helped with my energy. I normally suffer from insomnia and have not had a bout of it since taking the pills, so perhaps that has helped as well.


I know that the shorter labor process and lack of medical intervention definitely helped my recovery. I have Blyss to thank for that. Anyone who is interested in working with a doula would be lucky to have Blyss on her side.”

Laura, Chris & baby Hector

I had the natural, drug-free birth I desired and Blyss played a huge role in allowing that to happen. I felt deeply, fully supported on an emotional and physical level before, during and after the birth.


Even though I hired her last-minute, Blyss really took the time to get to know my husband and I before the big day. She went beyond standard “birth preferences” to get to know us at a deeper level in just a few conversations. Blyss made me feel so at ease, and I was comfortable being totally open right away which is important for someone who is going to support you in labor – probably the most vulnerable and raw time of your life.


For me Blyss was the perfect mix of loving, supportive, down-to-earth and knowledgeable. She has a grounded, calm and positive energy which is exactly what I was looking for.

During my labor, Blyss stayed fully present and I felt like she was going through the journey right along with me for the entire 20+ hour experience. It helped me so much to have an experienced, wise mama who had done this before supporting and encouraging me! I had very painful back labor and Blyss got me though it by helping me with positions and breathing and applying pressure when and where I needed it. She somehow pulled out some kind of superhuman strength to apply the kind of pressure that I needed to my back for hours!


As a first time mom, I can’t imagine giving birth without Blyss. A huge part of labor happens before you arrive at the hospital/birth center and that’s what Blyss coached me though. Of course I didn’t know what I was really in for when I hired her, but in retrospect I would have felt lost without her and the whole experience would have been a lot more difficult.


A few days after the birth we had a health scare with our baby and Blyss sprung into action tapping her network for all the support we needed (lactation consultant, post-partum doula, etc.) She went above and beyond by helping us source the help we needed immediately in a really trying time. That was one of the hardest days of our lives (thankfully, it turned out our health scare was nothing) and Blyss got us through it.


It’s hard to write about such an intimate, profound experience but I will always have deep gratitude and love for Blyss. Helping women give birth is so clearly Blyss’ passion and calling in this life, and there is no one on earth I’d rather have by my side!

Mikki & Nadia Willis

“As many of our friends know, the birth of our second son was against all odds, but turned out to be a graceful miracle.  Among our awesome team was an angel known as Blyss Young.  She was a godsend to say the least. Nadia couldn’t have don’t it without her. Blyss directed us to the right DOCTOR and to the perfect methods.  Her presence alone brings a state of calm required for a smooth natural birth. She’s amazing!”

Laila Dellapasqua

What an honor it was to have Blyss be with our family during the birth of our second son.  This experience was just as important as the birth of our first son because I wanted a VBAC, and that it exactly what I was blessed with thanks to the immeasurable support and wisdom from Blyss.


From the beginning, our family knew that Blyss could provide gifts that not all doulas could.  She has a strong intuition and is caring, gentle, yet firm and strong when advocating for you and encouraging your voice to be heard.  In addition to helping us plan what we would do once I went into labor, she also gave us sound advice as to how we could care for our other child while laboring at home.  In other words, Blyss goes well beyond her role as a doula – she is genuinely concerned with the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of the pregnant mamma and her family. 


While I was laboring, Blyss knew the perfect time to drive to the hospital.  Had it not been for her, I would have arrived too early at the hospital and would have encountered a “cascade of interventions,” something I wanted to avoid at all costs.  Looking back at that time, I think it is incredible how Blyss remembered all the small details I expressed in my birth plan – low lights, quotes taped to the wall, music, a birthing stool, and giving me the ability to see my birth.   Even though I went into active labor in the middle of the night and delivered very early the next day, Blyss was always present, encouraging, focused, and showed no signs of fatigue, despite not having slept.  I truly believe I could not have had the type of birth I did without her.  


Not to my surprise, Blyss gave us the same amount and quality of support post-partum.  She contacted us almost, if not, every day.  She even came to visit us at the hospital.  We felt very connected to her and did not hesitate to contact for her opinion on something.  If she did have an immediate answer, she would research on the topic or connect us with someone in the specific field.  When we finally came home, she came to visit us and again took her time in checking to see how we all were doing.  It was very sweet to see her play with our first son!


Who knows?  If we ever plan on having a third child, it is without hesitation that I would have Blyss at the birth.  Better yet: it would even be more of an honor to have her as our midwife!  

Maria, Carl & Baby Izzy

I really went back and forth on whether or not hiring a doula was the right decision for our family.  My pregnancy was pretty smooth and with a supportive and engaged husband, and a mother with 15 years of postpartum experience, I just didn’t know if I “needed” a doula. Well, let me just say that hiring Blyss was one of the best decisions of my life, second to marrying my husband!

I was committed to having a natural childbirth, but this being my first child, I wasn’t ruling out drugs if it came to that.  I also decided that delivering our baby in a hospital brought me sense of comfort in the event that something was to go wrong. Blending the two ideologies was the challenge.  I found myself thinking “Is it possible to have a natural childbirth in a hospital?”  Many of my girlfriends had attempted but none had succeeded.  As I found out, it is possible, but I honestly don’t know if it would have been without Blyss! 

From the moment Blyss entered our home her presence was so calming.  She offered a wealth of experience and a sparkling sense of humor that made us feel like, “hey, childbirth could be fun?!?!”  With so many negative stories out there it was easy to be convinced otherwise, but Blyss had so many wonderful stories and also provided some great reading material that helped empower us.  Blyss made herself totally available to us to ask questions big and small, and although we knew her values surrounding childbirth, she did not judge any of ours that may have differed.

I can truly say that we don’t have a single regret with how our daughter was brought into the world.  Blyss empowered my husband and I to stay calm and relaxed throughout the whole process, all 19 hours of it.  It was so amazingly rewarding to experience the true capability of the mind and body during childbirth. 

Rob & Christina

"Blyss was exceptionally helpful through the birth of our baby boy. She listened carefully to our goals and was whole heartedly onboard with our birth plan. Blyss helped create a peaceful environment in the delivery room, such as adding warmer mood lighting and using lavender for aroma and breathing techniques. These little details meant a lot to us. Blyss became a friend and was the experienced professional by our side that we had hoped for, who truly helped bring our 10 pound kiddo into the world."