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Client Testimonials

Blyss nurtured my spirit, my heart and my body throughout pregnancy, into labor and beyond. I truly believe that she was called her into our lives to expand our hearts and experience birth in the most divine way possible. I couldn’t have imagined anyone else to have been the first hands touching our baby earth side. Her experience and knowledge is deep. Her love runs wide and we cherish the space she always held for us to make the best decisions for our family. We will be forever grateful to Blyss for her abilities and dedication to her life’s work.

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Zosia and Alex

Crystal and Jonathan

I first heard Blyss’s voice on a podcast and I thought to myself, wow she seems really sweet, nice, and supportive. I thought to myself that I would love to have a midwife like that at my birth! Well, the stars aligned because she became my midwife due to a connection with a mutual friend. There are so many amazing things to say about Blyss. But one thing that has always stood out to me about her is her spirit. Whenever I had my prenatal appointments, I always felt heard and listened to. She has the kind of bedside manner that I wish every woman could experience while carrying a child. There was always an easiness when I was with her, a sense that everything was going to be alright..and it was. I feel truly blessed to have had Blyss!


I had one home birth experience before working with Blyss as my midwife and even though it was a home birth, I still had several interventions to encourage labor (stripping membranes, manually breaking my water, etc.) The second time around I knew what I wanted-- an intervention free labor and delivery. I expressed that to Blyss and not only did she hold space for me to have that experience, she also remembered what I wanted even when I forgot. Blyss has a quiet and steady way of holding you to your highest self while you undergo the journey of birthing a baby. I remember making eye contact with her at several points during labor and just feeling the strength and calm she offers. I am so grateful that Blyss was my midwife and I wish every woman I know could have the gift of such a gracious, kind, knowledgable and powerful midwife that their side. If you can offer yourself the gift of birthing with Blyss, don't hold back!

Ashleigh and Britton

I never pictured myself as a "home birth person". I come from a long line of Western tradition doctors and research scientists, so giving birth in a hospital seemed like a no-brainer. Then, when my husband and I more fully researched all our prenatal and birth support options early in my second trimester, the midwifery care model appealed to us for its hands-on and intimate approach. And when we met with Blyss, we knew we'd found our perfect match! Her calming presence, combined with her quiet aura of expertise, was exactly the energy we wanted for our pregnancy and birth.

Prenatal appointments with Blyss were such a refreshing change from the OB appointments I'd had in my first trimester. At the OB's office we felt like just a box that the doctor checked on her rounds, but with Blyss we felt supported on every level. She made us feel safe and seen: medically and physically, but also emotionally and relationally. Over the course of my pregnancy she began to feel like family to us—and the relationship we built was imbued with exactly the trust and wisdom we knew we'd want from someone who was going to help us bring our baby into the world.

The birth itself was one of the most transformational experiences of my life. Being able to labor and deliver at home, in our familiar environment with people we knew intimately, was absolutely the right decision for us. Our daughter Halo arrived smoothly and safely! Blyss's grounding presence was invaluable, both during the birth and in the hours afterwards as we were getting settled in our first moments as a family. We cannot recommend her highly enough!

Anne and Ivan

I consider myself one lucky mama for having Blyss by my side during my first pregnancy and birth. I had a strong preference to have a home birth, despite the fact that I was over 35 years old and considered a "high risk patient" by the standard medical system in the US. From the very moment I spoke with Blyss on the phone I felt complete trust, knowing instinctively that she was the midwife I was looking for. As a holistic healer and highly intuitive person myself, I knew that I needed someone who would be able to trust my body and welcome my inner guidance. Blyss not only trusted me, she also encouraged and celebrated every insight I had into the remembrance of the blooming petals of my embodied divinity. 

Aychele and Alexander


With attentive loving presence and the most gentle care, I felt completely supported by Blyss in each stage of our journey together. During the prenatal visits, she educated, counseled and motivated me to keep leaning into my feelings and body wisdom. With a comprehensive care approach, which I would call "grass roots midwifery", she would listen to the baby using a cute non-invasive fetoscope, never imposing unnecessary testing or invasive procedures.

Yet, she had me taking all the absolute necessary tests needed to make sure that baby and myself would be healthy and safe during birth. 

She was my guardian angel, an ancient mother, a friend and a pillar of light during my long labor, going above and beyond what I needed, helping me to cross the threshold of motherhood with all natural methods and the most heartfelt loving care.I had indeed a magical, empowering and initiatory experience at the birth of my son, in the comfort of my home, in the intimate cocoon created by Blyss, her wonderful assistant Haize, my lovely doula Brielle, my best friend Aria, my beloved husband Alexander and my feline friend Pina.

After my baby was born, Blyss continued to offer her support and care with custom herbal formulas, placenta preparation and continued education for many weeks postpartum. A wholesome, complete care, for which I am forever grateful.Beyond this shared journey, today I consider Blyss to be part of my spiritual family and I bow in reverence for her devotion on this sacred path of midwifery. It is my shared hope that sharing positive stories around home birth will inspire women all over the world to seek and receive support from midwives and to remember that we are made for this.

One of the only blessings that came from Covid-19 was that it connected me with Blyss. Due to the situation, my husband and I made a last minute switch from hospital to home to welcome our second child. My home birth skeptic husband quickly became a believer because of Blyss’ thoughtful and compassionate prenatal care. Blyss made our family feel comfortable in our decision instantly. She effortlessly connected with everyone, even my little boy. Her positive spirit elevated our experience from what we had become accustomed to in the common prenatal care of practice. We didn’t know what we were missing until Blyss!

When our magical moment came, I felt her confidence in me, and even though she never said a word, her presence brought an amazing sense of calm.

Romy and David

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With a smile on her face, she glanced at my husband and asked “are you ready to catch your baby?”. She allowed us the space to transition into this moment together, acting as our guide. Never in my husband’s wildest dreams would he have thought he would be the first person our baby sees!


Even in the hours after birth, Blyss’ knowledge and guidance helped to ensure that we were all safe and sound. She welcomed my son to be a part of the process, allowing him to help with cutting his sister’s umbilical cord. She offered the most comprehensive and communicative postnatal care, and I always felt I had a shoulder to lean on. I could speak for hours about Blyss! Even though we’re not having anymore kids, I feel like I would have many more just so we can be in her care!

Oh, Blyss! Blyss was our midwife for the birth of our son in 2018. I birthed our daughter 3 years previously in the UK at home, with a midwife whom we adored and it was hard to imagine having a baby without her AND so far away, in the USA. Then we found Blyss, and it suddenly all seemed possible. She was open, warm, loving, straight forward, and felt safe. I had practised as a midwife in the UK, so I found myself feeling particular about the type of care I wanted, and who I wanted involved in my pregnancy and birth. I felt anxious that my autonomy and freedom to choose would be compromised within a healthcare system that was unfamiliar and intimidating to me. Having Blyss at our side I felt that I could birth here and I trusted her to advocate for me. She clearly was using evidence-based practice, great experience, and put the needs and well-being of my baby and me first. We had many antenatal visits, some with my eager daughter asking questions and listening to Blyss intently. It felt so good to have her in our home, doing the antenatal visits and planning the birth of our baby. When our baby finally birthed, in the near dark of our bedroom, Blyss was a quiet and loving husbands hands were the first on our sons body and their eyes the first to meet. I had requested a birth pause where my son was gently placed on the ground on front of me for a moment before I collected him into my arms...Blyss honoured all my requests and I am so grateful to feel like the birth truly belonged to my son. My daughter woke shortly after and Blyss included her in all the baby checks, showed and taught her all about the placenta and helped her to feel like the important part of her brothers birth that she truly was. The gift to my family of a birth like this is life long and invaluable. Thank you Blyss...your work, love and friendship will never leave the heart of our family and our door is forever open to you.

Sally and Blake

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