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Birth education and normalizing all birth experiences is a passion for Blyss. Be sure to listen in as she explores a range of birth and pregnancy topics with some of the other birth professionals working to change the landscape of midwifery and pregnancy in the greater Los Angeles area. 




Listen Here for a weekly podcast with Dr Stuart Fischbein MD OB/GYN and  Blyss Young LM, CPM


Dr. Berlin's Informed Pregnancy Podcast features Blyss and covers a range of birth topics. Episodes will be updated here, and can be downloaded and shared!

From Ivy:

As a doula, one of the most common scenarios I see with clients, is that they're curious about home birth and the benefits of midwifery care, but concerned about taking any chance of something going wrong at home. Here, licensed midwife Blyss Young explains the benefits of home birth and relative risks of birthing at home vs. in a hospital setting, as well as what midwives do to manage common complications at home. You'll also learn how frequently transport to the hospital is needed and why, and what you can expect if you're planning to birth at home!

Navigating pregnancy and birth in the time of COVID is fraught with questions for many mamas-to-be. Join Needed Co-Founder and Mama-to-Be, Julie Sawaya, in conversation with Birth and Postpartum Doula, Ivy Joeva, and Licensed Midwife, Blyss Young. We'll explore what birth is like for mamas and birth workers in and out of the hospital setting, and how one mama-to-be is finding her way amid the uncertainty.


The Real Midwives of LA a youtube series sharing the journeys of women through pregnancy and childbirth.

Episode 12:

55 hours into labor Anne's water breaks and meconium is present.  Anne considers her options with her Midwife Blyss Young. Blyss walks us through how she monitors mom and baby during a planned home VBAC and what she looks for to help ensure safety throughout.

How safe is home birth? Who should and shouldn't give birth at home. Why are we as birth professionals shying away from this convo with clients who's chosen birth birth setting doesn't match their true desires.