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Bringing it all together

So I had two previous about being a business owner and one about my search for my life partner. I haven't written in either in a while now. But have had so much growth and development since my last entries. The idea of Birthing Blyss as a way of life and as a book came to me during this time. I work in the field of holistic medicine. The way we think about a person is as a whole person, one entity. I am not my social life, or my professional life, or purely a mother or just a seeker or a yogi or a dancer or a lover of beautiful things (learned yesterday this is a aesthete...I love this new word). I am all of these things a combination you cannot separate them. This is true for all of us...we utilize this theory all the time in our business both with our clients and with our staff. We are body, mind and spirit, and you must look at all of them when trying to get to the source of an issue or striving to create an optimal environment or situation. As I started to think of this book that I was inspired to write (literally, message after message came through about this progression to this book) . I realized that I am a product of all of my experiences and they are forming the woman I am and the woman I am becoming... that woman's name is Blyss. This is an interesting story and I will tell you about it very soon. So I am going to merge my blogs, and my experiences I am going to commit to writing everyday for 30 days. And we will see what comes forth. I am hoping that if I write enough...eventually I will have a book. I have a lot of thoughts...I hope at least some of them, others besides myself, find them interesting.

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