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Heart-filling testimonial in my in box...

I woke to this in my inbox and a hummingbird right out side my door as I opened it this to a beautiful start!!!

"I had the natural, drug-free birth I desired and Blyss played a huge role in allowing that to happen. I felt deeply, fully supported on an emotional and physical level before, during and after the birth.

Even though I hired her last-minute, Blyss really took the time to get to know my husband and I before the big day. She went beyond standard "birth preferences" to get to know us at a deeper level in just a few conversations. Blyss made me feel so at ease, and I was comfortable being totally open right away which is important for someone who is going to support you in labor - probably the most vulnerable and raw time of your life.

For me Blyss was the perfect mix of loving, supportive, down-to-earth and knowledgeable. She has a grounded, calm and positive energy which is exactly what I was looking for.

During my labor, Blyss stayed fully present and I felt like she was going through the journey right along with me for the entire 20+ hour experience. It helped me so much to have an experienced, wise mama who had done this before supporting and encouraging me! I had very painful back labor and Blyss got me though it by helping me with positions and breathing and applying pressure when and where I needed it. She somehow pulled out some kind of superhuman strength to apply the kind of pressure that I needed to my back for hours!

As a first time mom, I can't imagine giving birth without Blyss. A huge part of labor happens before you arrive at the hospital/birth center and that's what Blyss coached me though. Of course I didn't know what I was really in for when I hired her, but in retrospect I would have felt lost without her and the whole experience would have been a lot more difficult.

A few days after the birth we had a health scare with our baby and Blyss sprung into action tapping her network for all the support we needed (lactation consultant, post-partum doula, etc.) She went above and beyond by helping us source the help we needed immediately in a really trying time. That was one of the hardest days of our lives (thankfully, it turned out our health scare was nothing) and Blyss got us through it.

It's hard to write about such an intimate, profound experience but I will always have deep gratitude and love for Blyss. Helping women give birth is so clearly Blyss' passion and calling in this life, and there is no one on earth I'd rather have by my side!"

Laura, Chris and Baby Hector

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