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Aunt Flow and The Trash Heap

Fertilizing plants with menstrual blood

Ok admit it...I picked this photo for shock value. I've never have poured my menstrual blood into my plants. But I have heard its quite good for them. We often pump the water from a birth tub into a garden if possible for these very benefits. But that's not what this post is really about.

I grew up with a feminist mother and my first tampon was an OB. So I quickly was schooled on being very careful with what we put inside our vaginas. No douching ever! my mom told need... but if you do, water and vinegar only. OB tampons are obviously more natural, they have no applicators, so I learned and became familiar with my own lady bits as a teenager.

When I became a mother I chose to cloth diaper. Mostly because its what's good for the environment. When I decided to ditch tampons, my number one motivator was to reduce waste. Diapers and feminine products are major contributors to the landfills. While researching for The Sanctuary, I discovered a wide array of natural feminine products, I found my favorites... but whatever you decide, like childbirth, make your decision an informed one.

Sea sponges were my number one choice for many years. I know many people who switch to reusable feminine products go to a diva cup (come to find out there are many competing brands now. )I personally don’t want a man made product in my yoni:). So sea sponges seemed intriguing. Supposedly Cleopatra used them! Similar to an OB tampon in that it has to be inserted and removed by hand. I believe this is good for women and young girls, to know and understand our vagina “cavity” so to speak. I mean it is our body after all.

Down side-

-In public places it can be awkward to rinse out. (Keep extra and plastic baggie for dirty one if your concerned.)

-After a while they need to be replaced. I don’t love the smell after a few months, (same reason I hate pads....Virgo sensibilities). In another blog Ill go into the specifics of using these.

Upside- -Good for environment -Different sizes for good absorption -Some lovers didn’t mind if I left it in during sex (doesn’t disrupt the mood and can contain the flow if that’s important to you or your partner) -Your more in touch with your blood. (Ok for some women that’s too much. ) But for me, I had a more direct experience with quantity and color. I have spent much of my life wishing I didn’t bleed. So changing my relationship to what’s so was good for me. Look.... I’m still not in LOVE with it. But I’m more neutral. -Another bonus that was a little tooooooo much for me but may be great for some. You can squeeze your menstrual blood into your plants. While I appreciate this circle of life. I just would rather wash it out in sink.

However, I know some super groovy goddess types (if there is a spectrum I'm somewhere in the middle) A recent friend posted after the most recent school shooting about using her menstrual blood as an offering.

" The Hopi prophecize that when women offer their Moon Blood to Mother Earth, wars and bloodshed will end.Our Moon Blood is sacred and holy. It holds all of our DNA. It is full of magic, power, and Mystery. It holds life and death frequency. It’s the essence of Creation. It’s linked to the stars, Moon, and the womb of Gaia. It weaves us as women into a giant Womb Web, linking us to bring the Sacred Feminine through us individually and as a planet. " - Joanne Meya Cohen

I personally am totally inspired by this.

Ok but back to the original post (geez this is why I don't blog often....this post has taken me WEEKS to write !)

I love these! Since I found them and could invest in a set I only use the sponge as a back up when I run out of panties. They have become my new favorite.


-They are quite expensive $24-38 per pantie

-Because of cost you may not have enough and have to use a back up system for your entire period

-My boys hate that I rinse them in the sink (prior to washing)

-After a while they also start to smell.


-Again great for the environment (anything you can reuse and wash is the best even considering energy and water)

-You don't have to insert anything into your vagina whether that's because you don't want to touch or because your vagina is super sensitive to materials or chemicals, or you just don't like to have anything in it!


There are many other options I decided not to cover here, one, because I don't have personal experience and I could finally publish this blog!!!! Many women love the diva cup or reusable pads (like glad rags).

But if your not ready to ditch your disposable feminine products yet, check out this company. LOLA Two young women started it. All organic cotton, tailored to your needs (flow, w/ or w/o applicator, panty liners or pads and any combination) delivered to your door monthly with no strings.

Would love to hear your experience with reusable feminine products!

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