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Everyday Lessons

So when your a mom of three...somedays are just business as usual. One could assume that there is nothing to learn or grow from these days. Making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, driving to and from the school bus stop. Ect. We can just mindlessly go along in everyday situations. But today I learned several things...I learned that I am getting more proficient in many spiritual practices...because I was present and open to the lessons and because I am spending the time to reflect. 1) GRATITUDE I recently listened to a cd by Dr. Michael Beckwith the reverend and founder of Agape. In this CD he mentioned waking up every morning with gratitude. Before your feet even touch the floor, you can get present to your gratitude. Gratitude can transform you life. I never really understood it until I started practicing it. He says...and I have experienced you cannot be angry and grateful @ the same time or resentful or bitter or even sad. So in being cause in your life...why not start each day with gratitude. I also use this (when I think about it as a way to transform my attitude several times a day). If I feel bitter or upset about something. In that same moment I find something to be grateful for. I have woken up several times this week (and sometimes I even remember when I go to bed) and remember to be grateful...before I am even fully awake! 2)TRUST or SURRENDER Same vein, but slightly different flavor. When I feel upset or discontent, I remember to say a prayer in surrender to the divine and whatever transpires I knowingly surrender that this is the right course of action for the higher good. 3)VULNERABILITY I was told today as I was sharing something challenging that I am dealing with, that I am beautiful when I cry...My partner, said what about me? Am I beautiful when I cry? And the person giving me the compliment said yes but I could tell it wasn't as authentic and I reflected about that because I have gotten that same compliment many times...I realized it wasn't about "beauty" but a sharp contrast in vulnerability. I am so often firm, clear, professional. But truly vulnerable? I guess its a rare contrast. My partner at the same time mentioned how I have been revealing some vulnerabilities with our staff and how I am well respected. I keep learning this lesson over and over about the beauty of revealing our flaws. 4)NON-ATTACHMENT My last blog entry about letting it go and realizing that maybe this is I shared with my partner and our business coach about my letting go of any attachment to of them said they had faith it would all turn out...and I said yep it will and "turning out" could look like it all falling apart. They couldn't believe I said that!! Why would you say that, think it? I said in the realm of possibilities its one of them, just like I could always be single. I am practicing not being attached. Loss can equal freedom another coach said....its so contrary to our human existence...we are inherently attached to joy, connection...but alas..when you can really just go with whatever curve balls life throws you...for sure there is freedom in that! So just another normal day in the life of birthing Blyss...

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