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40 and Blyss was born...

Since I was a little girl I have always wished for another always bothered me that so many girls around me shared the same name..."Heather" a very popular name in the 70's. Hell they even made a movie about us! So I am turned 40 and I figured this was a great demarcation and time to reintroduce myself to the world as Blyss Young. I know, I know so hippy dippy of me. Actually this name has been brewing for about two years and my spiritual counselor Kelly Sullivan Walden (the beautiful blond in the picture with me has been calling me by that name for about 9 mo now) I knew that I would have to really step it up spiritually if I was going to change my name to a name like Blyss and so the journey began. While I was dating Ron I went to a psychic and a tarot card reader and both said that Ron and I were going to create an amazing being together. This being was very important and would likely change the planet! He and I assumed this was a baby and named her Blyss. When we broke up I was devastated, heartbroken and confused...what about Blyss? I was so sure that this spirit was suppose to be here. I did VERY deep and profound work with Kelly to heal and grow from this experience. She said to me one day...."do not come up from these depths until you have found the gift...deep in this darkness there is a gift...keep searching". I did the deepest, darkest work of my life...I can actually say thank you now to Ron for breaking my heart...because I have become a new woman. And so it dawned on me in a session with Kelly...I am Blyss...I am that which is being born from this experience...and all experiences that have led me to this moment. And hence the Birth of Blyss. Now why would I also change my last name? Well Blyss Wineland doesn't exactly roll of the tounge and I hesitated to be even more hippy and change my last name to something just because it sounded good...(my friend Zoltan jokingly suggested Blyss Forever...see what I mean!?) Many years ago on my Grandmother's death bed she admitted to my father that the man we all assumed was his father may not have been...Wineland. Well, I have recently reconnected with my accident there right? He told me that he discovered he had two birth Wineland and one Young. YOUNG! That's it! Divine, all of it...and so I reintroduce myself to you as Blyss Young. Now I know I will probably get teased, chastised and maybe even ridiculed for "friends" of facebook I ask you to be kind. I have thought long and hard about this change and am excited about this name calling me into being. It feels special and I love it! And people say that in your 40's you have a lot more of..."take me for what I am" I ask you to open your mind and heart to the new me.

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